WEDNESDAY, May 31, 2017 11:00 AM
2511 West Park Rd. Burrton, KS
Hwy 50 & N River Rd-3 miles N, 1/2 E, 1/2N
Harvey County Cattle Co., LLC

Property Location: 5430 N. Sand Hill Rd, Burrton, KS (5 miles N of Hwy 50)

Agency: Midwest Land Specialists, Inc. and Agents represent the Seller in this transaction.

Legal: Tract 1-S 1/2, Sec. 26, T22S, R3 West

Tract 2-S 1/2 of N 1/2, Sec. 26, T22S, R3 West

Tract 3- NW _ of NW 1/4, Sec. 26 T22S, R3 West

All Tracts are West of the 6 th PM, Harvey County, KS

Manner of Sale: Sold as 1 Tract &emdash; 520 Acres times price per acre

Possession: Property is being sold according to tenants rights which are a ten-year lease which started with the 2015 crop year on 216 Acres of irrigated land and 61 Acres of dry land.The 243 Acres of grass, timber and other possession will be given at closing on or before June 30, 2017.

Irrigation info: Allocation by State of Kansas as of February 28, 2017, 311 Acres of irrigation, authorized quantity 391.30 AF, authorized rate 1000GPM. There are 2 wells with one irrigating 125 Acres, the other 91 Acres. The tenant owns and will pay for the maintenance and repairs of the engines, generators & pivots.

The owner will own and pay for the maintenance or replacement of gear heads & pumps at irrigation well and underground pipe.

Terms: $100,000 Earnest Money deposit will be due at signing of Purchase Contract on day of Auction. Money to be deposited with Regier Title, Inc. Trust Account, 129 E Broadway, Newton, KS, the closing agent. Balance to be paid with certified funds at time of closing on or before June 30, 2017.

Title Insurance and Closing Cost to Regier Title, Inc. to be shared equally between Buyer(s) and Seller. Buyer is responsible for notifying FSA office of ownership within 30 days of closing.

Buyer shall receive second 1/2 of 2017 cash rent due 12-15-17 with Seller to retain first 1/2 of cash rent for 2017 due 7-15-2017.

Taxes for 2017 will be pro-rated to day of closing based on 2016 taxes of $2805.02.

Minerals & Water: Seller's Mineral & Water interests if any will be conveyed to Buyer. Click here and here. Both files are zipped and must be opened to view in PDF format

Buyer(s) is responsible for notifying Lessee of change of ownership

Bidder Info Packets: Potential Bidders are encouraged to contact Midwest Land Specialists, Inc. (Vern 316.772.6318) for a Bidder Info Packet. These Packets contain the following: Farm Service Aerial Photo, soil map, topography map, title insurance commitment & cited documents, Agency Brochure, and a purchase contract upon request.

Prospective Bidders are urged to utilize "due diligence" and inspect the property to their satisfaction prior to the Auction. This Property is selling "as is" subject to any easements, zoning, restrictions, oil/gas leases and roadways of records, without any warranties or inspections provided by the Seller or his Agents.

Disclaimer: Neither Midwest Land Specialists, Inc. and Agents nor the Sellers are responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred during the inspection or before or during the Auction. Any announcements made at the time or during the Auction take precedence over printed matter.

Vern Koch, Auctioneer/Realtor Steve McCullough, Broker
Vern Koch 316.772.6318 Steve McCullough 288.5516




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